Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

In Indonesia, everyone is a DJ, but only very few of them dare to be producers.Why?

Well, maybe because being  a producer is a lot more of work amount and also a speak of natural talent, rather than expensive DJing lessons and Saturday night gigs at your friend's clubs only.

The number of Indonesian DJs who also happen to be producers can be counted with your fingers. Riri Mestica, Romy HRS, else? Why doesn't the list get longer? Why is it following the arithmetical line, not the geometrical one?

"The true qualty of a DJ can be seen from his/her abilty to create, not only to mix provided music made by other people," once DJ Pippi, the world's  legendary DJ from Ibiza, told me. Pippi's got numerous best selling hits since the end of 1970s, before I was even born, and his latest song, So Sexy, was on the top of my MP3 playlist for about one year.
"Creating music is like an endless journey towards your own self, your own discoveries, your own creativities and your own personalities,"that's the opinion of Vasilis Sagonas, worldly renowned as V-Sag. He co-owns a recording label with his partner and mentor Tarkan, and together they spend hours to listen to CDs sent to them by new breed DJs.

Sadly, in the instant world of Indonesia, where everything's created instanly : from instant foods to instant lifestyle, where someone who has just got out of his third DJing class session can be called DJ, where someone who has just learnt mixing with Traktor already dares to claim himself DJ, and someone without a large connaissances of musical cultures count into he term DJ, the limits are evidently unclear whether is's about a real DJ or a fake DJ,a wannabe.
"It's essential to be a producer yourself and measure your own skills rather than just mixing tracks. Your mixing abilty will also get higher and better when you're creating music,"Eric Entrena, ex resident at Barcelona's Space Club and current globetrotter, owner of his own label,gave me his opinion-we were discussing about the qualty rarely possessed by Indonesian DJs.

I think, just like everywhere in the world, the DJ culture in Indonesia has only begun. I'ts merely two decades old, and like all other civillizations it slowly crawls like a baby before it gets more and more mature amd gets to stand on two feet.

In European countries where the culture is slightly older, there are a lot more producers already. But in Indonesia, the newborn DJ world is getting started, and the producers, second generation of DJ breeds, will hopefully be born in the next years.

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