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Begin Making Beats Without Spending Money

What is the best free beat making software out there? If you want to make beats it's no longer necessary to purchase hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of studio equipment.

You could begin creating the kind of beats you want to make by utilizing free softwares which you could easily install on your PC and start utilizing. However, the problem is it can be a little tough and frustrating to find the right software to use since most free softwares don't have a lot of features and don't have enough sounds and samples to utililze.

Moreover, downloading the incorrect free beat making software will cause unwanted spyware and much more issues for your computer. In this article I will be going over the best free softwares that I know about to help you get starte with making beats without having to go broke in the process.

FL Studio 9.1 is the first of the three free beat making softwares I want to introduce to you. This is software that has a full music editing suite. Most people don't recommend using Fl Studio for beginners since it can be a little challenging to learn how to use properly due to it's interface.

You could download the free trial version of this software and get much done with it. It has a ton of features to offer such as beat chopping, the ability to attach just about any studio equipment utilizing DXi and VSTi plugins, and a good amount of drums and sound effect samples.

HammerHead Rhythm Station 1.0 is an additional free software for beat making I want to introduce to you. This is a very easy to use software compared to Fl Studio. You may realize that this software's design is very similar to Roland's TR-909 drum computer program and it comes with pre installed Roland 808 and 909 libraries.

For a free beat making software this software has a good amount of features. At your disposal you will have 16 beat tracks, basic tempo control, basic loops, 29 built-in drums, tutorials, and even 6 slots for importing your own samples.

Drumstation is the last free software for producing beats I wish to introduce to you. This software is a drum software synthesizer and offers some pretty good features.

The main idea behind the free software Drumstation is based on the well liked Roland drum synthesizers TR-909, TR-808, and TR-606. Some of the features included are 8 channels of drums which are either samples or synthesized drum sounds, an easy to use step sequencer, effects for each channel, and loops may be sliced and stretched.

Also, you'll obtain a complete set of free drum samples and effects to help you begin as soon as you download the free software. These are the three best free softwares I know of to start making some pretty decent beats without spending a ton of money. Make use of them now and once you develop as a beat maker start investing some money into much better softwares and equipment.

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